Jobless for rent
around Italy looking for work

the documentary film by Luca Merloni and Pietro Mereu
with music by The Niro

The field trip of a jobless man, searching for a job through nine Italian cities,  wearing a sandwich sign that says “ unemployed  for rent”. 
A not-so-common enquiry on the Italian job market from the streets point of view, a bold personal challenge: a sandwich-man asking for a job, to everybody he meets.
The people reacts in many ways, sometimes comic, sometimes bitter; there are a lot of  hints for a deep understanding analisys of the real situation of Italy’s today job market and unemployment issues.

the first episode (Rome) at this link 
at this link:

The documentary (75 min.) entirely self-produced, was released in summer 2010 in the following cities: Rome, Florence, Lecce, Cagliari, Genoa, Bologna, Verona, Naples, Milan
The film is seeking sponsors for its dissemination and / or distribution.


director: Luca Merloni
role: Peter Mereu
music: The Niro
texts of human history sandwich: Bepi Vigna
drawings: Cesare Corda 
speaker: Max Vannelli
photo: Marco Garrincha

mm film - via Satrico, 42 - 00187 - Rome - Italy - tel. +39.06.770161
cell: + 39.338.7951241